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Ideas for Adding Fun to a Hens Party

A hens party is so much fun because you are celebrating your friend or family members on the eve of their wedding. Choose activities to do on a hens party taking into consideration what the bride loves and what she does not like. Here are some ideas for adding fun to a hens party.

You can never go wrong with a sleepover even if it seems old fashioned. Find a suitable house that will make the bride comfortable such as a home, a friend's home, the home of one of the bride's maids or a home of a family member. Know what you need and have a list of everything that is required including drinks and food days before the sleepover and organize for the things to be brought to the house. You need to have enough games to play during the sleepover so that you do not get bored and the games should be of interest to the bride so that she also participates. Rent movies too. Buy pajamas, slippers and sleeping bag for the bride but request the guests to come with their own if you do not have enough at the venue. You will need a camera to capture and record the moment.

Have a night of making cocktails at home. The idea is quite affordable because it requires fewer things compared to a sleepover. Lemonades are the most common cocktails, therefore, find recipes for preparing them and shop for enough ingredients. Do not limit your ingredients and let you have tried making lemonades before.

A wine and cheese night can be expensive if you're going to invite many people, but it is perfect for a handful of guests. The idea suits a hen party that will be attended by older family members. Be sure to visit here!

Make your guests to feel part and parcel of your celebration with a potluck dinner. You need to have a theme for your potluck dinner because that will determine the dress code and the dishes that you will prepare Italian and Mexican themes have very popular in the majority of potluck dinners. The icing on the cake in a potluck dinner is alcohol. Seek help from everyone who is willing to help because the dinner will involve so many activities like decorating the venue, prepare the meals, welcome the guests, serve the guests and more, depending on the expected guests' number.

A murder mystery night is an uncommon way of celebrating your hens party, but it will be fun all through. It sounds frightening, but the game sends chills down your spine and every moment of it gives you a lovely experience at

The clothes swap night is fantastic. The guests who wish to attend the party must bring with them some of their clothes. The ideas to try on each other's clothes and read each other's closet. Bring clothes that are valuable because you do not expect to bring rags and take other people's clothes that are of value. Visit this website at for more info about bachelor parties.

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